In the areas of the airports where Carboil operates, we handle the management of our depots, those of the management companies and those of the oil companies.

In storage activities we focus on maintaining the quality standards of the fuel introduced inside the tanks of the depots, which have the necessary storage capacity to ensure an autonomy which is satisfactory and functional for the demands of our customers.

Handling of the product (Jet A1), classified according to the international specifications in force, is a process that develops in the phases of reception, storage and distribution. In the reception phase, we perform checks to verify the quality of the incoming product in advance.

After reception, the product is stored inside dedicated tanks and the fuel is delivered to the tankers for refueling the aircraft.

Carboil guarantees the highest quality of services at the airport depots in compliance with the highest industry standards, including the JIG Standards for Aviation Fuel Quality Control and Operating Standards for Airport Depots & Hydrants (Issue 12, 2016). Moreover, our HSSEQ policy is certified by ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.