Case history

Quality and safety hand in hand with innovation.

In September 2019, Carboil introduced a smart satellite telemetry system for checking the level of fuel in the tanks of the road tankers. The system, called real time fueling, is the result of a collaboration between a leading company in the satellite telemetry sector and a data management software house. It is integrated with an ATEX tablet supplied to operators and allows the full digitization of the documentation processes required during refueling, as well as the automatic transmission of data to the central IT system in real time. The tablet is also equipped with a “man on the ground” safety system, capable of monitoring the operator’s activity and alerting emergency services in case of need.

The adoption of real time fueling is part of a policy of redefining resource management in a virtuous and sustainable manner, and helps to accelerate administrative simplification and the abatement of risks during refueling operations, such as the risk of injury, manual data transcription error or the risk of disputes by third parties.