Maintaining safe conditions, measuring performance, preventing errors and readiness to correct any deviations from standards are some of the solutions implemented to reach our JIG and HSSE objectives.

For example, every depot subject to an intervention by Carboil has a high performance uninterruptible power supply to ensure the delivery of electric current even in the event of a black-out or disturbances in the power line, and a fire protection water tank with enough capacity to contain the water reserves that, along with the explosion proof pump, ensures autonomous management of the fire prevention system.

The company’s constant commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety of the product and services is made possible by an on-the-job training program involving all Carboil officials from the first moment of their activity. The program is structured in training steps and no less than 18 courses, including the Carboil Basic Course for Into-plane Refuelers (run by our JIG-accredited International Inspector), Course for Aviation Refueling Personnel (run by the Fire Department), First Aid Course, Safety Course and Defensive Driving Course (run by our Vehicles Manager and ADR consultant), for a total of over 2000 hours of training delivered each year.

Furthermore, since 2015 Carboil has taken part in the training programs financed by Fonservizi through the Corporate Training Fund channel. These include the SAFETY 2015 program, aimed at further exploring the technical, financial and organizational guidelines of transport policy, which saw the involvement of 195 operators for a total of 208 hours of training conducted over a six-month period from November to April 2016. Thanks to these learning paths, aimed at enhancing professional skills, reliability and infallibility, Carboil can count on collaborators equipped with the spirit of initiative and motivation, as well as a distinct awareness of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

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