Carboil ensures the maintenance of its assets through the precise application of care and maintenance programs issued by suppliers, installers and manufacturers.

Each unit is subject to plant engineering checks on the depot’s fixed structures. In addition to the above activities, there are also all the programs for checking and maintaining the resources that make up the jet fuel airport supply chain, in compliance with the most stringent international and national reference standards.

For the structures of environmental protection and safety and containment of sources of risk, a strict verification program with regular frequency is provided for, designed to monitor certain critical factors.

To comply with current environmental legislation, Carboil has adopted a management system certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 international standard in order to identify and assess environmental aspects and impacts to determine the associated risks, provide information on the aspects, repercussions on the environment, effectiveness of environmental protection measures and describe all activities necessary to ensure compliance in the management of aviation fuel depots.

Carboil S.r.l. also ensures compliance with the measures required by workplace health and safety and accident prevention regulations for the purposes of the Consolidated Act pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08. In particular, Carboil promotes and carries out the appropriate procedures for assessing the risks inherent in the activity and from interference, emergency situations, health surveillance and training, adopting where necessary the appropriate preventive and corrective actions aimed at eliminating and containing the risks.

In particular, the company acknowledges the risk factors in the management of aviation fuel depots and undertakes to comply with all preventive and prescriptive safety measures adopted by the company, also through the mapping of the macro hazards present in each area of activity, indicating the regulatory references for each one.

In carrying out their duties, all operators are required to comply with current regulations regarding safety and hygiene in the workplace.